Conference Chair, Jeremy Brinkman

AV Coordinator, Don Prezioso

CIO Track Coordinator, Robert Montgomery

Resource Coordinator, Kimberly Randall

Session Track Coordinators:  Sue Hanley & Tiffany Smith

Treasurer, Dave Clevenger

Alan Warren, Vendor Coordinator


Conference Chair

Jeremy Brinkman
Assistant VP for IT
University of Northwestern Ohio

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Jeremy has served UNOH students, faculty, and staff for 14 years.    Since 2007, he has been involved with the committee in a variety of capacities.  Including serving as a presenter, vendor chair, and conference chair.

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys traversing between swim practices and school events with his wife and two daughters.





Dave Clevenger
Senior Business Systems Analyst
University of Northwestern Ohio

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Dave has been working in a variety of Higher Ed roles for over 15 years.  The past 10 years have been spent at UNOH.  He is involved with managing and supporting the Ellucian Colleague and Perceptive Content environments.  Plus, report development and SQL Database management.  Prior to his position in IT, he spent a number of years working in the Financial Aid profession, most recently as a Co-Assistant Director of Financial Aid at UNOH.

Dave is married with three children, serves as School Board President for a private K-12 school, and has served on the GLUG committee for the past four years.



Session Track Coordinator

Sue Hanley
Database Architect
Schoolcraft College

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Sue has 15 years of information technology experience, mostly with ERP systems.  She has been with Schoolcraft for five years.  In 2015, Sue became involved with the GLUG committee.

Sue is married, mother of three, and enjoys gardening in her free time.


CIO Track Coordinator

Robert Montgomery
Vice Chancellor for IT/CIO
Oakland Community College

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Robert (Bob) Montgomery has worked with Information Technology for more than 35 years- developing a broad base of experience through employment in telecommunications, manufacturing, and education. He has been with Oakland Community College for 14 years, the last 5 in his current role as Vice Chancellor and CIO.

Bob is currently an active member of the Merit IT Executive Forum, Merit Advisory Committee, Society for Information Management, CIO Executive Summit Governing Body, and the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education board.

A new member of the committee, he hopes to maintain the high standards of his predecessors: Mike Zimmerman and Bob Wisler.


AV Coordinator

Don Prezioso
Director of Administrative IT Services
Ashland University

Don has over 30 years of Colleague experience at three different schools, Wittenberg, Ashland, Baldwin-Wallace, and then back at Ashland.  He provides a wealth of knowledge to user groups by presenting at both regional and national conferences.  For three years he also served on the Datatel Users’ Group Governing Board and Client Advocacy Council.  In 2015, he joined the GLUG planning committee.

Don loves flying and was a private pilot for several years.  For the past 10 years, he has been involved with Boy Scouts doing hammock camping and other adventurous activities.



Resource Coordinator

Kim Randall
Associate Director of Systems & Programming
Northwood University

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Kim has been working in the higher education industry for 25 years, starting as a clerk in the Financial Aid office.  Over the past 15 years, she has been in the IT department as a help desk coordinator, programmer, system administrator and more recently her current position.  She has been involved with the GLUG committee since 2013.

Kim enjoys the closeness with her family and has four loving dogs.  In her spare time she loves camping, gardening, and living an active lifestyle.



Session Track Coordinator

Tiffany Smith
Assistant Bursar
Sinclair Community College

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Tiffany has more than 15 years of accounting and managerial experience.  She has been in her current role for the past four years and oversees Disbursements, Collections, and Third Party Billing functions.  Prior to that position, she also worked in Sinclair’s Bookstore where she managed their accounting department.  She has been involved with the GLUG committee since 2016.

Tiffany is married and enjoys chasing her two toddlers, Lincoln and Alexander.


Vendor Coordinator

Alan Warren
Enterprise Applications Analyst
University of Guelph

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Alan has worked in Higher Ed for over 10 years, but just joined the Student team in 2017. His past work has focused on developing and supporting Human Resources systems in Oracle APEX, with some PHP and C# development. Alan is passionate about web technologies. He’s carved out a niche for himself specializing in change management and version control evangelizing. He is our newest committee member to the team, joining this year.
Alan is married and has a cat that thinks it’s a panther. In his spare time, he plays billiards in the CPA/APA league, enjoys camping and hiking, and expending tremendous effort to be lazy.